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OPATRA© Skin Analysis

Used by the beauty, medical and aesthetic skincare professionals, the skin analyzer system is the world’s most advanced skin detection equipment that captures multispectral photos of the face, examining the complexion of fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, moisture, and pigmentation. What can the OPATRA Dome Skin Analysis System do for […]


Microneedling is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of epidermal microcanals that allow substances to pass through the horny layer of the skin, while simultaneously producing dermoepidermal biostimulation, incrementing the activity of the drug substances. Effects: Stimulates fibroblasts and the production of elastin and collagen I and III Activates the skin repair mechanisms Reduces […]


Hyperpigmentation, or skin pigmentation, is when certain areas of your skin are darker than the rest. It’s a fairly common skin concern that affects people of all skin types. It can appear in smaller patches, cover larger areas, or—in rare cases—even the entire body. Genetics, such as a family with freckles.  Exposure to Sunlight ,Hormone […]

Bespoke Facial

The Bespoke Facial is a personalised treatment designed to target your individual skin issues. The treatment can include a range of techniques offered at the clinic. 1hr Treatment – €??? 30mins Treatment – €??? Book Now Treatment Overview Results Follow Up Recommendations Treatment Overview Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, […]


The IllumiFacial from Lynton is a ground-breaking ‘no filter needed’ facial which rejuvenates your skin, with immediate results. It is extremely effective at reducing the signs of ageing skin and also targeting sun damage, skin pigmentation and acne. This pioneering aesthetic treatment uses a combination of Tri-Fruit Acid Peel to resurface your skins texture and […]